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Funding Jewish Outreach and Conversion Programs

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About NCEJ

Our primary focus is to provide grants to synagogues and other organizations that sponsor programs to teach non-Jews in their communities about Judaism.

Our Goal

NCEJ’s purpose is to encourage conversion to Judaism through outreach and education, and thereby help ensure the continued survival of American Jewry.

Grant Process

We provide partial reimbursement for advertising and other costs of programs teaching non-Jews about Judaism. For application and more details click here.

National Center to Encourage Judaism Grant Application

The National Center to Encourage Judaism is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private foundation which encourages conversion to and retention in Judaism. It supports the efforts of synagogues and other Jewish institutions to reach out to Jews and non-Jews, to welcome interest in and learning about Judaism. Use this form to apply for a grant to advertise Intro to Judaism, Taste of Judaism, and other courses open to non-Jews to learn about Judaism.
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