Our Grant Process

Grant Overview

Grants are intended to partially cover costs of advertising or hosting local programs that seek to introduce non-Jews to what Judaism is all about, either through a one-time coffee house, multi-session “Taste of Judaism” programs, or other such events. Programs must be widely promoted to a non-Jewish audience and have an educational focus. We welcome applications from anywhere in the country.

Preference is given to programs that are either free or low cost so as to maximize attendance.  Award amounts can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the program.  Awards typically cover up to 50% of the cost of advertising and/or other program expenses.  There are no application deadlines and applicants may receive more than one grant per year. Non-winners are encouraged to reapply at any time.

How the Program Works

Submit an application at any time prior to your program being held. Applications will be considered at any time during the year. We will review your proposed program and inform you within one month whether it is something we would consider funding, and based on your application, how much we will likely reimburse.

Funds are dispersed only after completion of a program and our receipt of documented expenses for which reimbursement is requested, with grants issued generally within 45 days. A brief summary of the program is required, including a write-up of the program with such information as how participants learned about the program, how it was promoted, what aspects worked or didn’t work as well as expected, number of participants and their religious backgrounds, and so forth.

What are the Requirements for Applying for a Grant?

Only institutions are eligible.  We accept applications from any Jewish organization, including Jewish community centers, Federations and synagogues of all denominations.

  • Organizations must be classified as tax-exempt 501 (c3) charities.
  • Grants do not cover staff costs, direct membership recruitment efforts, or political advocacy.
  • A brief description of your planned program must accompany the application (no more than 1 page).
  • Include why you think your project should be funded by NCEJ.
  • Preference is given to programs that can be repeated.

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